TickledHard – Jason’s Extreme Hardcore Tickling


19-year-old, 6′ 1″ straight guy Jason just graduated from high school but already has an adventurous spirit. Franco has him strip to his boxers and boots, and Jason talks about his girlfriend while Franco straps him to the inclined tickling plank. Jason twitches and giggles as Franco starts in with a fluffy wand and feathers on his torso, but this is only the beginning. He struggles and bounces, but there’s no escaping this tickle top! Franco starts in on his belly button, and Jason can’t help laughing and panting. Franco cuts Jason’s sweaty boxers off and tickles Jason’s balls and taint, causing him to shudder and squeal. Franco milks two loads from Jason right down his throat and immediately blindfolds him with his own underwear. Then the real fun begins! Franco tickles Jason’s size 14 feet as he screams and begs for mercy. Jason starts crying and struggling violently, but nothing is going to make Franco stop. Franco chuckles as he tickles Jason’s hairy legs and super-sensitive feet, and it quickly becomes obvious that this is an extreme case. Jason begs and cries but the tickling won’t stop, and in the final minutes, Franco drains every last ounce from his tickle victim, transporting him into another world of hardcore tickling exhaustion.