MilitaryClassified – ROMEO 2


Today I’m bringing back a new favorite, ROMEO. This str8 Latin military stud made Sergeant before he left the Marines and the results of his training are visible in the manner in which he speaks, dresses, and presents himself, gotta love it! Today he’s crossing a line and putting his str8 uncut dick up a dude’s ass for money and I got it all on tape!
Romeo is actually a referral from my good buddy @barracks460 and he’s been sending me a few Marines here and there so I want to send out a special shout out to him for thinking of me first. So Romeo came in very confident and alive. It didn’t seem he was all that nervous with what he was about to do but I think he is pretty open minded and really trusts @barracks460 which I appreciate tremendously.
Once we got past all the particulars, we got right down to business and when the cameras started rolling I was in horny mode, in nothing more than boxers, socks and a Semper Fi shirt from the Marine Corp Exchange so I was ready for what Romeo was about to deliver. I started off slow and gentle as usual licking his balls and I was surprised at the commentary from Romeo as he didn’t mind letting me know how it was feeling.
His cock engorged almost immediately and I wasted no time turning around and sitting my ass down on his rock hard uncut cock. I began to bounce on it slowly at first but soon with a nice rhythm Romeo took over and grabbed me by the hips as he began to thrust upwards and letting me know “its ok you can take it”. yea right!
We moved to a couple more positions and when he had me bent over on the edge of the bed, Romeo came at me from behind and worked his cock in my ass for a healthy minute being gentle at time but then picking up the speed as he came closer to nutting. In the end he had to improvise, which happens with first timers, but I managed to climb on top of his cock as it blew and took the load in my ass!