GayCest – Neighborhood Secret TAPE #6: More the Merrier – Marcus Rivers, Myott Hunter, Tucker Barrett, Brian Bonds


I must get a kick out of playing with fire! When my neighbor, Brian, invited me and my son Marcus over to his place for drinks, I probably should have said no… Not just because I’ve slept with Brian and his nephew, Myott, on numerous occasions, but because I suspect he knows that I’m also banging my boy, Marcus!

Marcus and I went over, sitting there on Brian’s couch when Brian and his nephew suddenly started making out like teenagers in front of us.

Obviously, I took the opportunity to get a bit physical with Marcus, stroking his leg and wrapping my arms protectively around him. Of course, I soon had my tongue rammed inside his mouth.

I could sense that Brian was keeping a firm eye on us, clearly enjoying the floor show we were putting on. My immediate thought was how hot it would be to watch Brian making out with Marcus…

By that point, both Brian and Myott were completely naked, with Myott on his knees servicing his uncle’s big dick. I was surprised and more than a little proud when Marcus stripped off and got in on the action!

I shifted along the couch and joined in. Brian was soon banging Myott, so I stood up and pushed my dick deep into Marcus. And before long, we were riding our respective boys like our lives depended on it. We came simultaneously and I spunked a huge load, which was plainly gonna be dripping out of Marcus for days!