– Dylan Reed Audition


Twinky little Dylan Reed has just arrived and he’s ready to perform for you in this awesome BoyFun solo debut. You’re certainly going to want to see more of him if you like slim, smooth and super horny tall boys with big desperate dicks.

We join the young man on the bed, already massaging the swelling mass of penis in his denim shorts while we watch. No doubt many of you are doing the same in expectation of how this is going to progress.

We know how it’s going to go, however. With his t-shirt slipped off we see a super lean and tight body, pale and almost hairless. His shorts come down and his jock strap briefs are bulging with desperation.

While many might want to see that uncut cock this boy has his priorities and with a turn for the camera his fingers are delving between his pale cheeks, his digits exploring his tender little hole.

Dylan is a boy who knows how to pleasure himself fully. With his eager penis properly freed and bulging in his wanking hand he simultaneously rubs his hooded thick cock and fingers his hairy hole, gradually slipping in two digits to properly pleasure his greedy ass.

With his pucker pumped and pleasured the boy turns his attention to getting that load, and boy does he. His helmet is wet and swollen, his foreskin gliding up and down while he pumps, delivering a close up cum fountain that’s going to have all of you gushing out a big display with him.

We can’t wait to see more, and we’re certain he can’t wait to get one of our other bareback boys in that hairy little butt.