BaitBuddies – Bait: Justin Eros Straight: Kent


BaitBuddies - Bait Justin Eros Straight Kent
Justin Eros is back at the studio and he’s hoping to get fucked by another straight cock and make some more money in the process! Justin has really evolved since he went gay for pay at! Now, he’s down for trying almost anything and he even bought a cock ring to play around with. Hopefully, he’ll get to wear it while fucking a straight dude in the ass!

Kent is this week’s straight guy and he’s one sexy stud! Kent is a total daddy type and Justin can’t keep his eyes off of him. The vibe must be mutual because Kent keeps looking over at Justin as he explains what he likes in a woman and what he likes to do! Kent won’t be single for long before some hot girl snags him. He’s a true catch and after today, maybe he’ll change his ways and start to sexually evolve! That’s today’s goal!

Caruso tells the men to stroke their cocks and stay hard while sitting next to each other. If they can pass this simple test then Caruso will go fetch the girl for them to tag team! Both studs didn’t disappoint so Caruso tells them that he’s going to step out for a minute and that he’ll return with the girl. But, he doesn’t… no girl will be showing up today but if Justin and Kent are willing to have sex with each other then Caruso can continue with the scene and he’ll also pay them double the original amount! Kent was slightly nervous but not enough to say no! The rest is history!


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