TickledHard – Emanuel Tickled and Milked


Compact cruise ship dancer Emanuel is back in port, and Franco catches him for an afternoon of giggling fun. Emanuel squirms, shakes and laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his smooth sides and armpits. Franco cuts off Emanuel’s underwear and tickles Emanuel’s taint and balls with a feathery brush as he hiccups with laughter. Franco gently tickles the tip of Emanuel’s uncut cock before tickling his sweet belly button and tiny nipples. After tickling Emanuel’s lower back and thighs, Franco takes a midway snack break. He jerks Emanuel’s dick and invades his hole with his thick fingers. Franco feeds Emanuel his dick, and with one hand freed they beat off and cum at the same time. Just like the others, Emanuel thinks it’s over, but there’s plenty more! Franco takes off Emanuel’s shoes and tickles his size 7 feet, first through his socks and then bare. Emanuel tries to convince Franco to end it, but Franco just has to dig into those perfect, pretty little feet. To top it off, Franco climbs on board for one final tickle attack while Emanuel begs for him to stop.