– The Pledge – Colton Fox, Jonah Wheeler

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There’s something really strange about Scoutmaster Wheeler. I recently joined this troop, but I’ve been here long enough to know that he’s not like the other Scoutmasters. He comes across as being quite stern. He doesn’t smile that often and his eyes bore into you when he talks to you…

When he called me into the office to take my pledge, my heart sank. Why him? Why not one of the friendlier Scoutmasters? He makes me so nervous sometimes that I forget my own name! How was I ever going to remember the pledge?!

He sat me down opposite him and asked if I was ready. The simple thing, of course, would have been to say yes, but the fear took over and I started burbling. He asked if I was willing to do everything he told me to do, and I must have said yes because, at that point, he told me to stand up, before attaching a pin to my uniform pocket.

What I wasn’t expecting was for his hands to linger on my upper chest. And before I could get my thoughts in order, he was running his fingers up and down my torso in what could only be described as a pretty seductive manner.

I’m no expert in these things – heck, I’ve never even kissed any one – but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal for a Scoutmaster to start feeling me up like that… especially scouting!

I instantly froze. My face must have flushed the color of a ripe tomato. A zillion thoughts started dancing about in my head. Was this some sort of trick? Or a test? Was I meant to say something?

The trouble was that a whole heap of other thoughts were telling me how good it felt to be touched in the way that Scoutmaster Wheeler was touching me. And those thoughts were definitely controlling my penis, which sprang into action like a well-trained dog.

I looked into his eyes, and he suddenly seemed a lot less scary. His face had softened somehow. I didn’t dare to look away from him, but I could feel his hand cupping the ever-growing bulge in my pants. And before I knew it, he was rubbing it. If this was a trick, it was an elaborate one!

His lips edged closer to mine and my entire body started to shake. I can’t explain it. I was suddenly desperate for him to kiss me. I feel like I’ve spent my entire life telling people I’m not interested in all that stuff – and broadly speaking I’ve always believed every word I said… But in that split second, I learned the meaning of the word “desire.”

Then it happened. He lent forward, placed his lips on mine and started to kiss me.

I don’t know how I expected it to feel. It was more tender than it looks in the movies. Softer and more delicate somehow. His pencil-thin mustache gently tickled my top lip. I could smell his aftershave and a faint whiff of the leather on his hat. His breath was kinda minty. He’d clearly been chewing gum and when the tip of his tongue danced across mine, it felt almost cold.

I had no clue what I was doing. I just tried to copy what he did, but when he ripped my shirt open, I didn’t know if I was allowed to do the same to him. I felt kinda vulnerable, standing there with my chest out while he was fully clothed, but at the same time, I liked the sense that he was in complete control.

He slowly removed every item of clothing I was wearing. It certainly shouldn’t have felt natural, but it did. I was his and I wanted him to play with me any which way he wanted.

He touched me in places which made my entire body buzz. My nipples, my belly button, the side of my thigh. He seemed to know instinctively where I needed to be touched, even before I knew it myself.

He told me to sit on the desk, then knelt down to kiss and lick my balls. As he stood up, I realized he’d somehow undone his belt and pants, and his penis was sticking out through the fly of his pants.

Again, I am no expert in penises, but if I were, I imagine I’d describe his as a monster! In fact, I’m pretty sure anyone would. If I wasn’t scared of the Scoutmaster himself any more, I was certainly a little wary of the thing between his legs!

He leant against the table and made it clear he wanted me to put it into my mouth. I’ll confess, the idea was very sexy, but I had no clue as to what to do once it was in there. Blow? Suck? Lick? How was I to know?

So, I just did what felt natural, and started to run my lips up and down his shaft. The noises he was making implied he was enjoying himself, so I just kept experimenting, listening out for sounds which told me to keep going or try something else. It got a bit scary sometimes, when he started pumping it into me and I thought I was going to choke, but, at the same time, it felt amazing to be pleasuring him.

He told me to kneel on the bench and walked around me, surveying me like I was some sort of living sculpture in an art gallery. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to suddenly push his thumb into my ass!

I felt an immediate stabbing pain and my entire body tensed up. The next thing I felt was his tongue pressing up against my hole. It felt really strange to begin with. But after I’d stopped prudishly panicking, I realized the sensation was sending major shivers through my body. The more his tongue rippled and skipped over my hole, the more I wanted to feel his thumb back in there.

He did this crazy thing where he licked all the way up my spine and when he reached my neck, I could feel his penis pressing against my hole. Every fiber of my logical being was urging my mouth to tell him to stop, but the waves of total desire crashing up and down my body were begging him to go further…

I felt the head of his manhood pushing against me, and then, just like that, it went inside. This steely, unsmiling Scoutmaster who I’d kissed for the first time ten minutes earlier was actually taking my virginity!

The sensation was intense to say the least. As he inched himself further and further into me, my body started to spasm. But then I felt myself beginning to relax and the searing pain became something far more pleasurable, something almost addictive… and I just wanted more and more of it.

At that moment, he started to fuck me. I’ve never been fucked. Hell, I’ve never even entertained the idea – but I knew what he was doing and I loved it.

He pulled me down from the desk and drove himself into me with more speed and force. I wanted every inch of his big dick in my guts.

Then he got me on my back, on the edge of the desk, and pushed himself into me again, never taking his eyes off me, staring into my face with a look which seemed to say “you’re never going to forget this moment…” And I knew instinctively that he was correct!