ROMEO – MilitaryClassified

Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the MC line up and his name is Sgt. ROMEO! This 32 year old career Marine stands about 5’10” and 170lbs of Latin str8 masculinity. Watch how this str8 Latino becomes puddy in Rob’s hand as he methodically breaks him down to deliver an amazing orgasm and it was all caught on tape!
ROMEO is a nice, good looking, definitely a womanizer but nice guy. He loves to chit chat which made the interview for me easy, it was like talking to a friend. Once we got past the particulars and the cameras began rolling, things got a little quiet as I began to lick Romeo’s cock region which his cock was already rock hard.
Once I began sucking his cock I could feel him relax, close his eyes and begin to enjoy the blowjob which he claims are hard to come by. I was in rare form that day because I was surprising myself at times as I took that hard latino cock balls deep, choking myself at times but not wanting to feel that rock hard dick tickle my tonsils.
I began to increase the pace and now I added my hand and some of my favorite lube astroglide and it began to work because he was visibly tense and grabbing the blankets of the bed with his hands and making a fist as I continued to suck, stroke, beat, and choke on his cock bringing him closer and closer to the point of no return.
In the end there was nothing Romeo could do to avoid the inevitable. I now realize these straight guys think to themselves, this dude is not going to get me off so I’m going to try and avoid it but EVERY SINGLE TIME the look on their face afterwards tells me it was nothing they were expecting! Romeo’s look on his face afterwards was priceless!