Old Creep Uses “Straight” Cocksucker – Troy Barrett, Clay – RaunchyBastards


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Sure enough, once his mouth was on my dick, it was hard to imagine getting him off of it. I took my liberties, too, once I realized how hungry he was. I face fucked him, put him on his back with his head off the bed and throat fucked him, and then let him freestyle. Oh, and of course I ate him out a little. I figured we would get to the next step soon enough. His blowjob skills were impressive considering his background. He even seemed to like the dirty talk. He was rock hard sucking me off, but like a lot of young pleaser types, he didn’t get off. He was much more interested in draining some daddy dick with his mouth. And drain he did, licking up every drop of my cum after putting in some whiplash inducing work. I’d say Troy is a keeper.