Neighborhood Secret TAPE #4: Watching Home Movies – Myott Hunter, Brian Bonds – GayCest


Uncle Brian and I have been fooling about for a bit now and it’s already gotten quite intense. I really love the way he makes me feel, and he’s so sexy that I’d pretty much do anything he wanted me to do. He’s got a great body and a massive dick, which, as it turns out, feels amazing inside me!

The more curious I got, the more he wanted to show me. We went down to his den and he pulled out some old DVDs and tapes of his. It was kind of weird at first, but within moments, my eyes were wide, stunned and excited to see my uncle on camera, fucking like a pro!

I’ve jerked off to porn for years, but never had the experience of watching a relative in action. And now, I was sitting just inches from my uncle, watching me watch him! He didn’t say much, seeming to just study my face. I could feel myself breathing heavily and getting excited, and before long, I was rock hard!

A few minutes later, we had taken our dicks out of our jeans and were basically jerking ourselves off next to each other. We didn’t say much of anything, just staying side by side, stroking and watching the videos. Uncle Brian clearly was enjoying the trip down memory lane, and I was enjoying seeing him grind on screen.

I was kinda holding my breath in anticipation, desperate for things to move on to the next stage. I kept getting distracted from the video by the live-action cock right beside me. I had my own experience of it before, but nothing like what I was seeing on camera. I wanted more. I wanted him.

I dunno what possessed me to be so bold, but I leaned towards him and started to kiss him. Then he gestured for me to give him head and I immediately got my lips busy on his giant, veiny dick.

I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as possible – like his co-stars did in the films – but I could only really get half way down without choking! I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my uncle. I wanted to impress him. I wanted to be a pro like him!