MilitaryClassified – FRANKIE 4


Frankie has returned because..well because he needs money mostly. As much as I would love to think they want me they really only want the cash and the sexual satisfaction which I offer to them and both whole heartedly. Frankie has become quite accustomed to me and today he’s going to kick back and enjoy one a Rob’s special blowjob. I love the expressions on Frankie’s face because he looks so nieve and innocent, just the type of guy that makes my website such a hit!
I made him take his shirt off and I had his beautiful nipples exposed. I loved his chest so much that I immediately grabbed it and started softly massaging him chest and then moved my way down to his shorts and began rubbing his cock. At a certain point I made him take the shorts off and he was sporting a nice semi-hard on that looked absolutely delicious.
I wasted no time in bending down and began sucking his cock as he was on the bed not even lying down. I could feel his dick get hard in my mouth and his beautiful 7 incher just glistened with my spit. So next I sat him down on the bed and with the pussy porn playing in the background for inspiration, I grabbed him by the balls and dove my mouth down on his meat and started sucking like there it was my last day on earth.
I began to taunt his cock with the astroglide and my firm stroke then let it drop making his cock even more sensitive and hard. I next stood him up on the bed and had him face fuck me and pump my mouth with his hard dick until he about choked me. He gave my mouth a good fucking before I had to sit him back down on the bed and made him relax with his hands behind his head as I continued my blowjob sitting on the bed now.
I really frustate this poor boy when I suck his cock and I know he’s thinkin to himself, “how the hell does this homo do it?”. My years of experience and skill made this boy blow a load that is truely spetacular. The look on Frankie’s face without even saying a word is priceless. His eyes widen, his mouth opens, his body tightens and he bearly lets out a yell as his cum oozes out of his dick giving him the most sensual pleasure which i’m sure is confusing as hell! what a way to nut!