MilitaryClassified – CORBIN 2


Today I’m bringing back a new favorite, CORBIN. This is Corbin’s second movie ever and I am the lucky to get this boy on tape. Today he steps out of his comfort zone to stick his str8 dick up a gay dude’s ass, as he put it, and watch how quickly this boy goes down!
Corbin is the quiet type and doesn’t say very much so getting a reading on his is difficult but when I invited him to play with my ass, he immediately sprung at the change and soon had his eyes darting over at my brown ass giving it a once over. Soon I was sucking his cock to rock hard completion ready for me to take a seat.
I mounted him side saddle first and this one warms me up and also get his comfortable in the anal scene because he’s not doing anything in return, kinda like the blowjob scene. Once I get warmed up and he see’s that his dick is not going to fall off for fucking a gay dude, he starts to spend more time watching my ass and not the tv monitor.
I switched it up to the backwards cowboy position and I think he liked that one better because he had my back to him so he could check out my ass all he wanted and not have to see my eyes at the same time. I choose positions carefully because I know how these str8 guys operate.
The past position was bent over the edge of the bed and this one he really liked because I didn’t have to direct him much because he basically went off on my ass and began to pound it non-stop and it didn’t take long actually before he gave me those famous words I love to hear.. “I’m about to cum”