Michael B’s Tickling Ecstasy – TickledHard


19-year-old soccer player Michael hops up on the table and takes off his boxer briefs. Franco slips him into a tight pair of patterned sheer dress socks and straps him down. Clearly, there’s some sexual chemistry between this tickle top and his latest boy! They exchange looks and kiss, and the tickling begins. Franco explores Michael’s slender body with his thick fingers and finds all the ticklish spots on his torso. He then uses feathers to exploit the sensitive spots he found, causing Michael to twist and giggle with pleasure. Michael barely can catch his breath between laughing and writhing from the gentle, thorough tickling Franco delivers with his array of feathers. Next up are Michael’s size 9 feet, which he learns are super-ticklish! After tickling them through the sheers, Franco lies down beside Michael and tickles his armpits and stomach more. He tickles Michael’s belly button with the small black feather wand, then returns to his feet with a hilarious new brush. The two make out, and Michael begs to get at Franco’s cock. Franco fills Michael’s eager mouth with his hard 9 inches and fucks his face. He shoots a huge load all over Michael’s chest, and Michael cums right after. Just then, Warren enters the room and sees the mess, and Franco tells him to jump in and help finish the tickling session. Franco tickles the cum and lube into Michael’s chest while Warren switches back and forth between Michael’s feet. They both tickle Michael’s socked feet before Franco takes them off and blindfolds him with the sweaty sheers. Warren and Franco tickle Michael barefoot and up on his sides until he’s red in the face and exhausted with pleasure.