JawKed.com – Karl’s Pleasure – Karl Stevens, Nico Vegas


Lean and fit Nico Vegas arrives to find Karl Stevens lounging seductively on the couch and within seconds he’s straddling him and ready to give the boy a hot and sensual massage. Of course, being Jawked boys, this is going to be a lot more interesting than just a rub down between friends.

With shorts bulging and dicks swelling it’s not long at all before their massage is becoming an extremely sexy experience. Nico gets a good grope of his friend’s rump and with the boy’s incredibly long uncut dick swinging between his legs it’s far too tempting an offer to ignore.

It soon becomes apparent that Nico is a master of masturbation and oral pleasure.

The long and pale snake of youthful penis is lolling around and thickening up while Nico rubs the shaft and slurps on the tender head. He works the meat in his grip with such slow and deliberate intent it’s very obvious he has an obsession.

Then again, with a cock as long and impressive as this any boy would love to spend a long time pleasuring and exploring it.

Karl somehow manages to maintain his cool while his penis receives so much incredible attention, getting harder by the second. His tip leaps precum and his foreskin slips over the swollen helmet with ease while Nico worships the impressive young schlong.

Nico is most definitely a giver. Even though his own long dick is throbbing away in his tight little shorts he’s there to satisfy his friend, rubbing his steely length, lapping at the tender tip and pumping the long pole of muscle in his hand until his pal is spurting out his milky mess over himself.

With his work done all that’s left is to enjoy the spent cock and appreciate a taste of his friend’s fresh load.