Javi Xisco, Oliver Morgenson – BadPuppy


Javi Xisco, Oliver Morgenson - BadPuppy
On the sofa, Javi Xisco and Oliver Morgenson were dozing. With a smile, Oliver bends over and kisses a drowsy Javi on the lips, waking him up. Oliver rubs the huge bulge he finds in Javi’s shorts as the two embrace in a deep kiss. As some things begin to jump to attention, Oliver takes down Javi’s shorts and is greeted by Javi’s massive, uncut cock standing at full-mast, desperate for some oral stimulation. Oliver kneels beside the sofa on the floor and swallows the entirety of Javi’s huge dick. Javi rolls over onto all fours next to Oliver, who, after stripping off his clothes, settles back as Javi sucks his rock-hard cock deep into his mouth. Oliver is soon kneeling on the sofa, his ass in the air, waiting for Javi’s thick piece of meat to fill his hole. Oliver’s ass is pounded in three different positions before he can no longer take it. As Oliver jacks his cock quicker, Javi continues thrusting in and out. Oliver’s nuts almost vanish, as he splatters a thick layer of cum across his ripped abs. Javi pulls out and kneels over Oliver, depositing his own cum contribution all over him. Javi leans over to give Oliver one last kiss before they both head to the showers, a satisfied smile on their faces.