Cesar Rossi & Jayden Woods Serviced – ChaosMen


Cesar Rossi is striping away his robe and climbing face-down on to the massage table right before Jayden Woods enters the room. Jayden introduces himself as Cesar encourages him to “go deep” with his massage. Jayden gets right to work, rubbing Cesar’s back as he strips off his own t-shirt.

Jayden discreetly grabs at his own cock through his shorts as he applies some oil to Cesar’s legs, drifting closer and closer to Cesar’s ass and balls. Cesar’s hand happens to be in just the right location for Jayden to casually rub his package on. Cesar gets the hint and starts pawing at Jayden’s cock head.

Jayden instructs Cesar to flip over, and Cesar obliges. Jayden gets some more oil and begins to rub on Cesar’s legs, thighs, stomach, and pecks. Emboldened by Cesar’s continued attention on Jayden’s package, Jayden begins to stroke Cesar’s hard, uncut cock.

Jayden pulls down the waistband of his shorts, exposing his hard dick, and the two continue to stroke each other. Jayden leans forward and takes Cesar’s dick into his mouth as Cesar moans.

Jayden brings Cesar to the each multiple times, using a combination of his mouth and his hands. Finally, Cesar can’t hold back any longer and shoots his thick load into Jayden’s mouth. Jayden excuses himself and steps out of the room, leaving Cesar bask in the afterglow.