BaitBuddies – Bait: Troy Straight: Axel Noxx


BaitBuddies - Bait Troy Straight Axel Noxx
Troy is at the studio again and he’s ready to explore more with another guy! It wasn’t that long ago that Troy decided to go gay for pay right here at! Since then, Troy hasn’t stopped thinking about dick. He even started watching gay porn so that he could plan out what he wanted to do next. When he contacted Caruso, he assumed that he would just be doing gay porn but Caruso explained that Troy would be doing exactly what was done to him. And, that would be convincing another straight dude to go gay for pay. Troy couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Alex Noxx is this week’s straight guy and this sexy man is not only spoken for but he’s actually married! But, this will have to be a secret because the wife doesn’t know where Alex is or what he’s doing. Alex tells Caruso that he loves a woman who can squirt, and unfortunately, his wife can’t. So, Alex decided to try porn out so that he could finally get what he wants and get it out of his system.

Caruso tells Troy and Alex to watch the porn, get hard, stay hard, and if everything goes to plan, he’ll go get the girl. From the moment Troy and Alex got naked, their giant cocks were already partially erect. And, with a few strokes of their hands, both guys were rock hard and ready to fuck. Caruso steps out but quickly returns with bad news. No girl will be showing up today so they won’t be able to continue with the scene. Unless both guys are willing to have sex with each other. If so, both guys will get to shoot their loads and Caruso can pay them twice the original offer. Alex looked over at Troy and said “we can try.” Then, he continues to tell Caruso that he’s been thinking about having sex with a guy for a long time but hasn’t had the chance to, until now!