RawFuckBoys – Fort Troff Part 1 – Jordan Starr, Archer Croft


Fort Troff is known for its wide variety of sexy toys and restraints to make good sex even better! But not many know about their full decked out sex dungeon! Archer Croft and Jordan Starr got to strap on their favorite gear and head to the sling for a hot encounter they won’t soon forget!

Jordan stands like a god with his leather gloves, harness, and goggles, body perfectly chiseled and massive, rigid cock ready for Archer to worship. The shorter, tatted bottom is no stranger to being on his knees in service of a handsome alpha, and being in the Fort Troff dungeon unlocks his inner cocksucking submissive.

Jordan chokes Archer with his powerful shaft, looking up at his powerful master. Jordan can hardly wait to get Archer in the sling, getting him at the perfect fucking height to destroy his hole with his bare shaft. He tongues it gently to start, getting it warm and wet before opening it up. Archer thinks he’s getting the hard force of Jordan’s shaft, but Jordan pulls out a special toy he’s found, and is eager to see Archer take it.

The motorized fuck machine drills a large dildo deep into Archer’s guts, working up slowly into a steady rhythm, relentlessly and continuously pulsing past Archer’s sphincter. The bottom holds onto the straps of the sling, feeling himself rock back and forth.

He sees Jordan getting worked up, noticing how hard his own cock is between his legs. Jordan tells him the machine is just a warm up, plunging his bare cock deep inside and going balls deep on initial penetration. Jordan wants to take Archer without any reservation, and after the fuck machine, Archer is primed to take him hard, deep, and raw!