MilitaryClassified – CORBIN


Today is a very special day for me because I get to introduce a ARMY stud named CORBIN! This straight boy is 26 and loves the military and also loves blowjobs even more. Watch as Rob takes on this conservative serviceman and gives him the blowjob of his life!
Corbin has just about everything a good looking military man should have. Great face, nice tight muscular body, big thick cock, and an ass that doesn’t quit! Once we got all the paperwork out of the way, we made our way into the shooting room and in no time cameras were rolling and I was ready to work.
I knelt down in front of him and I began by working my way up that beautiful body with my hands until I reached that cock of his and I didn’t hesitate to tease that sucker’s balls with my tongue and soon he began to get hard. Within minutes he was hard as a rock and I was bobbing up and down on that fat dick and we were on our way.
Corbin was a bit confused as the blowjob went along as most straight guys are when they get their dick sucked by a guy and it actually feels good and they are actually getting excited. Corbin would dart his eyes back and forth from the TV to what I was doing and I could tell he was enjoying every minute.
I jumped up the pace on my blowjob and soon I was going at it with my mouth, tongue and hands in a combination that was leading to that point of no return that straight guys find themselves when they are getting serviced by a guy and almost incidental he says he’s about to blow and boy did he blow!