ChaosMen – Aiden Joseph Solo


Aiden Joseph is a self-proclaimed “piggy”. He’s recently started yoga, which he loves because he can “suck [his] own dick now.” If you don’t believe him, just wait. You may even be inspired to start yoga yourself!

Aiden wasn’t sure if we wanted him to be “vanilla” for this interview. Of course not! We encourage our models to share whatever they’re comfortable sharing. And we’ll pass on to you, our beloved members, whatever we’re legally allowed to. There’s no shame here at ChaosMen!

Aiden mentions that he has a very sensitive hole. Just touching the outside edge of it makes him really horny.

Aiden arrived extremely horny, which he showcases throughout the video as he engages with you through the lens. If only these videos were interactive – maybe there’s a real usage case for the “Metaverse” after all!

Aiden steps to the side of the bed and strips, revealing his hairy “otter” body. He lays back on the bed, grabs some lube, and begins slicking up his dick. By the end of the video, Aiden’s used so much lube that the bed is basically saturated.

Aiden loves the look of his own cock. Peering up at him from between his legs, we watch as Aiden admires his dick, asking if we have a model hiding in the back that he can “put it into.”

Aiden rises to his knees and continues to stroke his cock for you, stopping occasionally to admire it some more. He adds more lube, then watches as he slides his foreskin slowly up over his cockhead, then back, and remarks on how horny he is.

As promised, Aiden next exhibits his ability to fold in half and lick the tip of his dick. He can *almost* work the head into his mouth, but not quite. A little more yoga and a few slipped discs and we’re sure he’ll be sucking his own dick in no time!

Aiden turns around and puts his hairy hole on display for you, massaging the rim before reaching around to put himself into a yoga “bind” as he strokes his cock from behind.

Aiden lays back on the bed and works himself up to climax, spraying his load into his pubes and the fur on his stomach before throwing his legs up over his head and sucking the last drops of cum out of his foreskin. Someone get this kid a chiropractor!

Stay tuned for more from Aiden!
16 May