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My name is Myott and I’m a DILF-o-phile! I just made that word up, but I know that you know what I mean!

Basically, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had this thing about older guys. I can’t really remember when those feelings turned sexual, but these days, I can’t pass a well-presented, well-maintained daddy in the street without taking a good, hard look! I’m pretty sure it’s gonna get me into trouble one of these days, because older dudes almost always seem to like me back!

I have a particular penchant for mature men with muscles! I joined a local gym after seeing one of its personal trainers in the mall. God, he was hot! I’m always too busy ogling to do any proper working out, but the walk there does me good!

I’ve joined every sports team in college. I’ve perfected an unconfident air, which always seems to get me noticed by the coaches. They all want to bring me out of my shell, so I basically pretend to be all nervous until they offer me one-on-one tuition… which is when I pounce!

Coach Marko had me feeling hot and bothered from the moment I first saw him. He’s tall, he’s built like some kind of Greek God on steroids, and he’s covered in tattoos. He’s got coppery-gray hair and one of those well-groomed beards that you just wanna rub your knuckles through. To be honest, it’s pretty easy to play the shy boy in front of him, ‘cus he makes me blush and go all tongue-tied every time I speak to him. He’d be shocked beyond words to hear the filthy thoughts that dart through my mind every time I see him.

I could sense my “little boy lost” routine was having the desired effect on him and when he asked me to come to his office after training, I was pretty sure this was going to be my moment. When he closed the door, then locked it, I was certain!

He was wearing this astonishing pair of shorts which clung to his enormous thigh muscles like the fabric had been sprayed on. I sat down on his couch and, as he walked towards me, my eyes were drawn helplessly to his bulge which seemed to be growing with every step.

I looked up at his face and there was definitely mischief – and lust – in his eyes. He wasted no time whatsoever and knelt down next to me, running his huge hands seductively up and down my chest. I gave him a flash of a look which said “please be gentle” which came pretty easily, as he’s easily twice my size.

His hands ran down my body, gently squeezing and caressing, first my hand, then my wrist, then the flesh around my hips. I heard myself gasping in anticipation as I melted into his manliness. He started to fondle my dick through the soft fabric of my shorts. It was as hard as metal, and pointing up at a diagonal towards the pocket. His hands made me shudder and shiver; the patterns he drew with his fingers seemed to be designed to bring maximum pleasure!

Then he kissed me so gently and passionately that my breath seemed to leave my body. I took off my shirt. He kissed every inch of my chest and I must have entered some sort of ecstatic trance. I was helpless to do anything but respond pantingly to his touch, my hand running over his ass which felt like it had been chiseled out of marble.

He pulled my dick out of my shorts and started to gently jerk it with the smooth palm of his hand. I’d have done anything for him at that moment. He could have taken me and I’d have given myself to him entirely. Equally, I’d have happily thrown him onto the couch and fucked him like we were the last two men on the planet…

Then he squatted down and placed his lips around my swollen knob, which by then was glistening with pre-cum. I don’t know what he was doing down there, but he sucked me better than I’ve ever been sucked in my life before.

My entire body was tingling. My skin was suddenly covered in goosebumps. I looked down at this giant hulk of a hunk doing everything he possibly could to pleasure me and my head started spinning with unadulterated lust!

He stripped naked and I dropped to my knees to suck him, but he told me instead that he wanted me to get his hole ready. Then he got on all fours on the couch and presented his ass to me like some sort of sexed-up, silver-backed gorilla. I got my tongue up there within seconds, almost suffocating as I buried my face between his giant ass cheeks, but not wanting to stop because he tasted so good.

I turned him onto his back and kept eating him out as he murmured sleazy words of encouragement to me which got my dick harder than it’s probably ever been! I knelt between his legs and started to push myself into him.

My dick slid in there like a hot knife into butter. Within seconds, I was thrusting in and out of him, gasping uncontrollably as he adeptly gripped his ass muscles around my cock, almost as though he were trying to suck me into him.

I pounded harder and faster, all the time knowing I was getting closer and closer to exploding inside him, while fighting the sensation with every fiber of my being; I didn’t want the intense pleasure to end.

But it was too late: I felt the seeming rising in my shaft and then bursting out of my cock like a bullet from a gun, deep into his beautiful, masculine body.


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