TwinkTop – New Recruit – Adrian Rose, Dolf Deitrich


I’ve had my eye on Adrian ever since he showed up. He was a transfer from god-knows-where with a really poor academic record, but I quickly learned that he was a diligent and highly-competitive sportsman.

He’s also drop dead gorgeous; incredibly toned for someone his age and he’s insanely hairy! His legs and arms are covered in a thick, almost otter-like layer of dark, lustrous fur. But the thing which drew me into him more than anything else was his air of confidence. There’s an ease in the way that he moves, and when you speak to him, he holds your gaze, almost like he’s peering into your soul…

It didn’t take me long to realize we had a connection, which plainly had pretty potent sexual overtones. He’d regularly shoot me a look so powerfully lustful it gave me an instant hard-on. It wasn’t so much a matter of whether we were going to fuck, the only thing we needed to decide was when!

I eventually found an appropriate moment to get him into my office, which is where I do my best work in the field of seduction! What can I say? It has a large couch, a lock on the door, and, when practices are over, it’s in a pretty quiet corner of the campus where the kind of noises horny young men make in the heat of the moment are unlikely to be overheard!

I went straight for the jugular, sitting next to him, placing my hand on his thigh and coming out with some kind of cheesy, double-entendre-laden one-liner about being his coach and wanting to see him going a lot further. Of course, he instantly picked up on the sexual intent inherent in my somewhat clumsy actions. He parted those lovely hairy legs of his and stared at me in a manner which could only be described as wild!

I leaned in for a kiss and the boy went at it all guns blazing, forcing his tongue into my mouth like a dog in heat. It got real heavy real quick. He knew exactly what he was doing and was plainly intent on calling the shots. It’s been some time since I’ve been with such an assertive young man.

He stripped naked to reveal the hairiest chest I’ve probably ever seen on a teenager, and a beautiful, uncut dick, which surprised and excited me in equal measure. I kissed up and down his body, attempting to pass my hungry lips over every inch of his chest before settling down to pleasure his tasty dick, which he aggressively thrusted into my mouth while murmuring filth like a top tier porn star.

I stripped down to my jock and squatted on the couch while he got his sleazy little tongue dancing inside my hole, breaking away repeatedly to spit on it and remind me I was his!

Then came the moment I had waited so long for: he was pushing his dick into me. It slid in nice and easy and he was fucking me hard before I could tell him to take it easy!

I could feel him using his pelvis to get as deep in there as possible. He varied the speed of his thrusts like a true pro, rapidly reaching a near bewildering pace which had me gasping like a wounded animal, particularly when he grabbed my hand and held me in an arm lock!

He spun me onto my back and the ferocious onslaught continued. I could feel him pounding me mercilessly with every inch of energy in his tight, teenage body. Before long, I was off the edge of the couch with my legs akimbo and he was staring down at me, grunting like a wild boar and slamming into me with strokes which can only be described as barbaric!

He pulled out and jerked his dick over my hole before pushing the head back in as the semen burst out of him, filling my crack with thick, frothy cream which felt as much an act of branding as it did an expression of lust. The boy clearly set out to use my ass and 100% succeeded in his mission!