ScoutBoys – Follow By Example – Marcus Rivers, Troye Jacobs


Scoutmasters Smith and Charger have been eyeing each other up with intent ever since Smith joined the troop. He’d moved up-state from the city following a somewhat messy divorce. The two silver foxes instantly bonded over the horrifying behavior of their ex wives, and were soon confiding in each other about their appreciation of some of the older boys.

This sexy talk always got them feeling pretty horny, and it wasn’t long before they started to fool around with each other, slipping off into the woods as often as they could to indulge in their seemingly insatiable desire for secretive, steamy sex.

Ever since Smith fessed up to fucking one of the scouts in his tent, Charger had been desperate to get alone with the bearded daddy. Hearing about the encounter drove Charger wild with excitement and he took the first opportunity to show his friend how much pent-up sexual frustration had been surging through his body.

In retrospect, they were a little lax with their discretion. They walked pretty swiftly out of base camp, but within five minutes they’d become overcome by an overwhelming lust for each other that they just had to get right to it!

It was hardly surprising that they were caught. They were making out right next to the path, in a sun-filled glade. Fortunately for them, the boys that found them were two of the kinkiest in the troop.

Marcus and Troye’s antics with other Scoutmasters were, if not the stuff of legend, a really badly kept secret. Charger and Smith had heard all the sordid stories and come to the conclusion that they would fuck the boys silly if given half a chance!

And just like that, their moment arrived! Charger was on his knees sucking Smith, who saw the boys hiding behind a tree. Calm as a cucumber, he told them to stop watching and to join!

It seemed they didn’t need to be asked twice because they were rapidly making their way over to the older men. The two Scoutmasters stood in front of the boys, slowly and seductively unbuttoning their pants and freeing their giant dicks from their underwear while the boys looked on in lustful awe.

Charger clicked his fingers and ordered them both to their knees, and within seconds, Marcus had wrapped his tender mouth around Smith’s bulging dick and Troye was hungrily sucking on Charger’s beautiful manhood.

The well-trained boys seemed to consider it their duty to pleasure the older men. Troye was soon on his feet kissing his master passionately, while tears streamed from the eyes of Marcus as he nearly choked to death on Smith’s rigid tool!

The four of them rapidly became a seething, seedy mass of sexual energy and excitement. The boys were thrown casually against a tree while the older men fingered and tongued their tight, trembling holes. The Scoutmasters kept a constant, goading eye on each other. It turned them on so much to see each other fulfilling their sexual needs with the prime, tender flesh of their young scouts.

The dashing silver foxes were soon feeding their giant bare cocks to the boys, who gasped with intense pleasure as their holes were mercilessly drilled. Smith flexed his enormous, muscular thighs every time he thrusted his groin into the boy as Charger’s powerful backside gave him all the power he needed to fuck hard and deep.

By then, the older men were well-and-truly using their young toys. The scouts had entered a state of pure ecstasy. They trembled uncontrollably, begging for more as they were plowed aggressively and mercilessly from behind.

The Scoutmasters then switched places and set to work on the other twink, competing with each other to see who could bang with the most energy and intensity while the boys helplessly moaned and gasped.

Eventually there was no other option but for the older men to explode with force and lion-like roars into the boys, filling their tenderized holes with powerful, creamy, mature man-juice.