CockyBoys – Hit Me Up Episode 2 – Austin Wolf, Greyson Myles


Greyson Myles makes his porn debut HERE at CockyBoys with Austin Wolf in HIT ME UP! Right after he checks into his hotel room, horny Greyson exchanges pics with Austin and invites him over, promising to be waiting for him ass up. Austin gets an even hotter surprise when he arrives and finds a blindfolded & wrist-bound Greyson on all fours! And when Austin moves closer, Greyson excitedly sucks him through his pants and starts to worship his muscles.

When Austin lets his cock out, Greyson devours it and Austin soon asserts his dominance. He feeds Greyson his cock, then pushes him down to eat out his ass and finger his hole. After giving Greyson another taste of his cock, Austin turns around to fuck him doggy style and as he goes harder and manhandles him he sees Greyson loves it. And, Greyson pleases Austin even more by fucking himself on Austin’s cock.

Greyson is in heaven again when Austin gets on top to drill and pound him harder. Soon though Austin wants Greyson unmasked, to kiss him, to see his reaction to getting fucked, and to let Greyson watch himself in the mirror getting fucked against the wall. At one point Austin turns Greyson around to make out with him, but the bottom begs for his dick inside him again. Austin relents and lets Greyson ride him.

Soon, Austin picks up Greyson and fucks him in mid-air, before lying back to let him ride him more. Austin excites Greyson by filming him with his phone and showing it to him live and this helps push Greyson over the edge to breathlessly shoots his load over Austin’s abs. Austin then shoots HIS load and gives him a facial and Greyson responds by licking his sensitive head to extend his intense orgasm. Greyson holds Austin and thanks him for an experience he won’t soon forget.


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