BeefCakeHunter – Jacobo receiving his award


Making this video of Jacob receiving his award took me longer than I expected. To date, Beefcake Jacobo has participated in many scenes in the BCH arena. He is one of the favorite Beefcakes and has reached legendary status, and for good reason, he always gives us very sensual performances, so it was no surprise to anyone that his latest video would win the award for the best anal scene of the year 2021.

But when I contacted him to tell him that I had another scene for him and a good surprise, he told me that he would be retiring from the BeefCakeHunter Land stage… what a fiasco! Anyway, he asked me for a few weeks to think about it. After all, he was curious to know what was the good surprise that awaited him 🙂

This sexy married dude decided to give us this farewell scene, so we can enjoy Jacobo receiving his award, and everything that consequently happened after! He was very happy and grateful to his fans, possibly something that turned him on more than ever, because that cock was bursting with how hard it was, and his hot moans just add that sexy touch that characterizes his videos.

After giving him a good blowjob, I decided to ride him, as if there were no tomorrow… To then put me on my fours and let him hit me with all his might, something that didn’t happen, and rather he hit me softly and with rhythm… it was obvious that he was about to cum all the time in that position 😉

In any case, I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes I think that I demand a lot from the Beefcakes, because in one of the breaks, without him telling me, I realized that he had come hahaha. With his scolded child’s face, I accepted it and I did nothing but play and joke with him. I’m going to miss you, Jacobo, you deserve this award and more!

I hope you guys enjoy this video of Jacobo receiving his award.