BadPuppy – Jamie Kelvin, Serhio Pro


Jamie Kelvin arrives for his massage session, and Serhio Pro already has his shirt off and is ready to go. Jamie pulls off his shirt, sits down, and Serhio begins to work out the kinks in Jamie’s shoulders. Jamie pulls off his jeans and lays down on the couch, and Serhio resumes the back rub. Serhio then pulls his own jeans off, and almost in the same motion pulls Jamie’s underwear off. Serhio goes to work on Jamie’s tight ass, rubbing and squeezing each cheek while we get a glimpse of Jamie’s thickening cock, and plump balls. Serhio lifts Jamie’s ass up off the couch, positions him on one knee, and reaches underneath to grab hold of Jamie’s hard, uncut cock and starts stroking the foreskin back and forth. Serhio goes back to massaging Jamie’s ass, teasing the tight puckered hole with his thumbs. Serhio then rolls Jamie over onto his back, and Jamie is rock hard at this point in anticipation of the happy ending that he’s been waiting for all day. Serhio squirts a bit of oil onto Jamie’s cock, and starts rubbing it in. Serhio starts jacking faster and faster, as Jamie moans with pleasure. After a couple of minutes of this, Jamie is on the edge and his balls draw up close to his body. As Serhio tweaks one of Jamie’s nipples, Jamie finally lets loose with load after load of hot, creamy cum. Serhio squeezes out every last drop, as our scene fades to black.