BeefCakeHunter – I love Nicco sexy hairy legs


You guys can tell in this video how much I love Nicco sexy hairy legs! Like I told him in our initial chat, he is a cutie, but what I couldn’t stop thinking about as I was getting to “know” him better, were those hairy legs …OMG! I could spend hours worshipping them, and after feeling my warm mouth on them, he actually said that he liked that kind of attention, attention hard to find outside BeefCakeHunter Land 😉

I don’t know if you guys will notice but, once I had him totally naked, his heart was going fast, while I was enjoying his big balls. I guess it was a combination of nervousness and excitement, and one of the hottest details in this encounter is how his eyes were fixed on what I was doing to his cock.

Then, when his cock got to his full glory, it was visible how curved upwards it was, it still looks yummy, but I knew it would represent a BCH challenge to overcome lol … anyways after I moved to his side, I deep-throated him well a few times 🙂

After that, I went back on my knees to create the moment that defines the title of this video I love Nicco sexy hairy legs, and it was at that moment that the scene became a feast for those Feet Lover Hunters: I took his socks off while I was kissing his legs.

Beefcake Nicco’s face and body were showing how orgasm was getting built by the minute. I didn’t want to stop, but I did it just before he told me he was about to cum, but I resumed that passionate sucking until he exploded that abundant and creamy load!

I hope you guys enjoy this video I love Nicco sexy hairy legs.
[videopress CEN7DgCt]