BeefCakeHunter – Getting intimate with Marquis


Nominated Beefcake of the Year 2021 Beefcake Marquis is back! He looks sexier than ever with that new hairstyle and ever-present easy-going attitude that kept me comfortable throughout the scene, that once again made me venture to explore more of this BBC Beefcake, and that is how this Getting intimate with Marquis video evolved.

During our initial chat, Beefcake Marquis thanked his fans that voted for him in the Beefcake of the Year 2021 contest, that was very sweet of him! and he also showed his playful side to the cameras for his fans, after all, he reads the comments at BeefCakeHunter Land, and he knows that you guys LOVE him 😉

Then I got behind him, massaging his back and neck, I softly kissed his neck several times, something that he surprisingly allowed me to do, and set the stage for Getting intimate with Marquis 🙂

By the moment I took his pants and underwear off, he was already in the “mood” to receive all the BCH love summarized in my mouth, and he really enjoyed that! even though he still struggling a bit with the tickles in his balls, I am training him to tolerate that, since I LOVE to lick his big balls, and I am not giving up on that! lol

I really feasted on his cock, and I even made him face-fuck me for a few before we stopped and switch to the fuck part of the video, otherwise, he was exploding too soon, if you know what I mean, I love getting these Beefcakes on the edge!

Once he was laying down, I got to his side, and I started caressing him again, showing him how to touch and play with my butt, after he learned, he just went to town with that lol. Then we made some clouds, before I seat on that BBBC, summarizing some of my greatest enjoyments in life 🙂

While I was riding him, Beefcake Marquis got into the moment, becoming verbal at times, and even though I was the one in control, he remained very active during that position as well. Then I did some reverse cowgirl, before getting on my fours, and just submitting myself to his own pace, and wow, that felt amazing!

I knew that after holding his jizz several times, Beefcake Marquis would need my mouth to get to ectasis, and that is what I gave him, swallowing his whole load at the end! Ummmm

I hope you guys enjoy this Getting intimate with Marquis video.
[videopress Fcr8aH42]