BeefCakeHunter – Getting intimate with Alexander


You can imagine how excited I got when a receive an unknown number text message from someone claiming to be Beefcake Alexander. After I verified it was him, I had to pretend I was ok with him, because I was not lol. Let me give you Hunters a little background story here: almost a year ago Alexander was flying to Miami to shoot another BCH video, but he just simply disappeared, he didn’t call nor text me, so besides feeling frustrated, I was worried about what may have happened to him, well…in the first part of this video Getting intimate with Alexander you will learn what happened 🙂

On this occasion, Beefcake Alexander arrived very late, which made me think: OMG again! Lol, but gladly I was wrong, he just was late, and hungry and tired, so I ordered some food and beers, and we got the party started lol. This scene kind of reminds me a bit of Darious crazy night video when he also arrived late, and things got pretty interesting lol.

After he finished dinner, I thought to start with him on the couch, but then I made him seat closer to the laptop, so we can have an amazing view of his big cock. Alexander loves deep throat, something that could be challenging due to his massive dick, but it is worth the effort lol

Then I decided to get plugged at the same spot by seating on his cock while he was sitting on the stool, it was amazing! I didn’t know I would enjoy that so much, it got me extra verbal and Beefcake Alexander enjoyed the spectacle, he was laughing lol… then, surprised me with a nice kiss, then we switched to standing up fuck before moving to the couch.

On the couch was when things began Getting intimate with Alexander. Feeling his manhood all over me, and he is pressuring me and kissing me, was out of this world, so for those Hunters lobbying for more kisses scenes, here you have one, with a lot of it, enjoy it! 😉

Maybe the hottest part of the whole video is when Alexander cum inside me, while kissing me and moaning, a moaning that was music to my ears, wow! I hope you guys enjoy this video Getting intimate with Alexander.
[videopress lzuam7t2]