SouthernStrokes – I Kept My Promise – Finn Harper, Filip Kucera


Never be a sore loser. That’s what I thought when I had to pay up for my team losing to Finn’s team. I really thought we had a chance, so I bet Finn a blow job to the winner. But here I was, never having sucked a dick before, but I had to keep my promise. We went to his place, where he pushed me on the couch and told me to pay up. He pulled his shorts down, and I started sucking his cock. He then laid back on the couch and gave me full access to his big dick. I did as much as I could, but then he started sucking on me. I was in shock because I didn’t expect that or for him to put me on my side and fuck my ass. But that’s just what happened, and I loved every stroke. He then took my hole from behind before throwing me on my back, fucking me, and cumming on my face. The things I do for my team.