BoysHalfwayHouse – Make It Easy On Yourself – Des

Another day, another intake. This guy has really gotten into a lot of trouble. It’s mostly been property crimes and the like, but even though he is currently clean, and seems like a decent fellow… We can’t take chances here, and his first introduction to a House Manager includes some stern words and a pat down. Of course, he gets more than his pocket’s patted, and before long he is appreciating all of the different benefits of having a House Manager who cares.

To make it easier on himself and the time he will spend here, he acquiesces to the Manager’s demand for some oral attention. Licking balls, slurping cock, and choking on dick are all on the table for this young fellow. He acts like he doesn’t like it, but we sense that he’s definitely getting acclimated to his new home. When he is directed to stand up and then bend over to touch his toes, he probably isn’t surprised when next thing he knows is that he is sitting on some cock. Up and down, up and down – he finally gets the hang of it!

Once he is in doggie style, we really get to admire his young fit ass, too. Getting stretched wide by a thick cock, he spreads his cheeks for a better view. It’s stunning when you see a deep hard intake like this in action. The Manager flips him over onto his back, and when he does, you can see that he isn’t so used to big dick in his hole. But that tight puckered love canal does just the trick for the manager, who breeds this newbie deep just like he deserves it. Little did this new resident know that making it easier on yourself at the House means quite this level of commitment!
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