BeefCakeHunter – Swallowing Beefcake Shane twice


Swallowing Beefcake Shane twice was a two-day event at BeefCakeHunter Land summarized in one video, something that the Hunters love so much 🙂

This single father of one is a cute young Beefcake who works as a carpenter in his hometown in the American heartland. He has had some financial issues and he wants to move to a better place, so he accepted my offer to participate in one of the BCH adventures, as I sometimes call it. He is not that hung, and he is still working on getting back in better shape, but for me, he is sexy and cute enough for me to enjoy his fresh young jizz! 😉

But making this Swallowing Beefcake Shane twice video was not that easy to make from the very beginning. To start, it was not supposed to be a double cum scene (but no complaints here about it lol) but there was a huge delay on his flight to BCH, that we ended up shooting almost at one in the morning, when we were supposed to be shooting at noon that day, and not only that, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he ejaculated after a few minutes of me sucking him and I knew it would be great for him if I swallow his cum, after all he said this was his first blowjob in a long time. So, that night, after he cum, we just chatted and agreed to meet the next day.

The following evening, we jumped straight to business, and it was a great pleasure having him sit on the couch with his legs spread open with a hard on totally different to the previous evening. This time he was not edged and kind of enjoyed my skills more, he was more comfortable and verbal, and I loved that!

He was about to cum early a couple of times, but I manage to make him hold it, and when he finally explodes, it was even better than the first time! I hope you guys enjoy this Swallowing Beefcake Shane twice.
[videopress Nl4Zv6sM]