TimFuck – Jasper Stone, Tony Orlando, Sahara Rain


This threesome have known each other for awhile, but never played together. That all changed one day when wet weather kept the trio from their usual Saturday bike ride. TONY has secretly wanted to sample JASPER’S dick. Sensing Jasper’s willing mood on this particular rain day Tony gets down to business before the stud changes his mind. SAHARA is moist from watching so she joins in, getting an expert tongue lashing from Jasper and a mouthful of penis from Tony.

No stranger to Tony’s cock, Sahara moans with a throat full of manmeat and a pussy full of Jasper’s manhood. They switch it up, Tony plowing Sahara’s hole while she struggles to swallow Jasper’s every inch. By this point, Jasper’s cocklust has been fueled. He kneels down for some quality time with Tony’s dripping cock before Sahara hops onboard to fuck Tony while Jasper’s shares his cock with them both.

After riding Tony for a while Sahara jumps back onto Jasper’s cock, using her tight cunt to extract a heavy load from Jasper’s bloated balls. Tony loves a creampie. He eagerly eats every last drop from Sahara’s sloshy pussy. And Sahara’s not done yet! She walks the men over to Jasper’s motorcycle, where Jasper lines up and starts fucking her again as she blows her boyfriend. Tony taps in to fuck Sahara while she cleans her juices off of Jasper’s meaty cock. Sahara is still prone across the bike as Jasper taps back in, fucking her hard while Tony plays with her tits.


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