TimFuck – Jasper Stone, Kay Kardia


It’s another first “play date” for JASPER as he welcomes the lovely and luscious KAY into his arms. Things start out with some playful groping and making out, then they get serious. Fast. Jasper tosses Kay onto his couch and gives her some oral delight. They change places and she welcomes his long cock into her body, almost cumming from the initial entry.

Jasper mounts her from behind, gripping her gorgeous ass as he cums hard into her for the first time. Kay turns around and cleans their cum off his dick, never letting it go soft.

Time for round two.

Using Jasper’s first load as lube, Jasper lays her down and gives her two more orgasms before dumping loads number two and three into her quivering hole. Jasper, who by now has developed quite a fondness for sperm, wastes not a drop as he uses his talented tongue to tease out every morsel from her well-fucked gash.

After Kay cleans the cum off Jasper’s dick they enjoy some post-orgasm helium-huffing pillow talk. Yeah, you might say it gets a little weird.



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