TimFuck – BRAZIL UNDERGROUND – Tavinho, Javito, Kempes


“FUCK ME” says the tattoo on TAVINHO’s ass. Further down is another tattoo that says “DADDY”. The bottom makes it pretty clear what he wants.

JAVITO and KEMPES are our kind of muscle burly bearded leathermen daddies. They are of prime potent breeding age, spreading their seed in whatever hole they can find to dump it in. They are also the perfect tag team duo who love to share ass whenever they can.

After some quick and easy foreplay, Javito has Tavinho on all 4s and his curved dick in the hole while Kempes eggs him on and has his cock sucked.

The men take turns fucking the pussy. As Javito slides in, Kempes spreads the ass cheeks and spits on his bro’s cock so it is plenty wet. When the hole is open, Kempes slides his fat dong in and fucks.

Some back and forth and the men position the bottom so they can double fuck him –we think these tops are really getting off on each other and their buddy’s dick and the hole is just a hole for them to enjoy as buddies like to do. His cock fucking against his pal’s, the foreskin against foreskin inside a tight hole makes Kempes cum and he shoots his load.

Javito keeps his cock in and in one of our favorite cumshots ever, Kempes grabs onto Javito’s dick while it is in Tavinho’s ass and jacks it until it cums and then sticks it back in so every last drop of sperm goes in Tavinho.