TimFuck – BRAZIL UNDERGROUND – Petrick Garcia, Adonnis, Alvaro Augusto, The Big Lucas


PETRICK GARCIA is back at the sex club trolling for cock and cum. He starts by sucking his new buddy ADONNIS until he realizes there is more meat down the hall. He discovers THE BIG LUCAS and ALVARO AUGUSTO dicks out and hard and looking for something to fuck.

Petrick wastes no time in servicing all 3 dicks and while they enjoy getting sucked, the tops make a beeline for Petrick’s ass to make sure he knows they are there to breed. The Big Lucas gets it in first, opening up the hole. Adonnis shoves in next and plows his cock in and out, thrusting hard and quick. Alvaro Augusto fucks next making good use of the hole and ramming in hard with each thrust. So much never-ending dick, Petrick is soon drunk on cock.

That was just Part One!

The men move to a back room where there is more space to fuck and DOUBLE fuck as they take turns sticking their dicks in the hole 2 at a time in different pairings. All the cock fucking up against cock soon has the 3 tops dumping their loads and breeding Petrick’s well used hole good.



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