TickledHard – Marky Tickled Hard In Leather


Incredibly ticklish Marky Sparks is in for it today. Franco enlists two masked leather boys to help him tickle the scruffy muscle boy. Marky howls with laughter as they tickle him with their fingers, brushes, feathers and beards. Blindfolded and restrained, Marky is helpless against his captors. They tickle him hard in his ribs and armpits before exposing and teasing his stiff cock. Marky swears and laughs hysterically as the guys floss between his toes and use scalp massagers on his soles. They tickle him on his inner thighs and upper ribs until he sweaty and practically crying. He pleads for them to stop, but secretly Marky loves the experience of being tickled by multiple guys at the same time.