StraightFraternity – Straight Buddies Kae and Diesel


Straight buddies Kae and Diesel never thought they’d be in a gay-for-pay scene together. I have Kae undress Diesel and strip himself down. Then I have them drop their boxers and stand naked back-to-back. I turn them around and have them rub their dicks together. Since Diesel gets hard first, I make Kae suck his dick. He’s startled by his buddy doing it to him, but a blowjob is a blowjob! I tell the guys whoever cums first is going to cum on the other guy’s face, and the race is on. Diesel just can’t catch a break. Even though he got hard first, it’s Kae who’s ready to cum. He showers Diesel’s face with his load, then tickles Diesel’s balls while he tries to get off. Kae rubs Diesel’s taint and balls and helps him jack his cock. When Diesel is finally ready, he cums all over his dick and flings his load at Kae. What’s a buddy if you can’t throw your cum at him after you bust your nut!



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