PeepShowTV – Bryan Ockert & Elliot Dahl – Daddy Pt 2


After training Elliot’s throat, we sat around and watched porn for a couple hours. The sun set and I was ready to cum down Elliot’s throat.

Before we started, I put a fairly aggressive thumping butt-plug in him that I could control with a remote. You can tell just how tremendous the vibration is!

I kicked back and let my boy nurse on my cock. We took a piss break and I totally soaked my boy and the dirty jock he sucked on from earlier that day.

I made him get on his back so I could cum. I took a few pops too, and while standing I lost some of my hardness, but got really close to cumming. I was dizzy and shaky as Elliot sucked even harder.

Elliot was a bit surprised as the cum coated the back of his throat. I encouraged him to play with his little boy penis. With his ass being thumped with a butt-plug, and cum oozing down his throat, my boy made a big mess!


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