MilitaryClassified – WYCLIFFE 4


Today I’m bringing back a new favorite of the website.. WYCLIFFE. This beautiful Dominican Str8 boy has captured the audience with his good looks, awesome body, and a big fat dick that Rob couldn’t wait to get his mouth on. Watch as Rob takes on Wycliffe one more time for old time’s sake and sucks him off in record time!
When Wycliffe gets in front of the camera he really seems like he’s shy but he’s really just the quiet type. Doesn’t say a whole lot but his expressions speak volumes! When the cameras started rolling, he dug into his seat and zeroed in on the porn and Rob knelt down on his knees and began his work.
Wycliffe was standing to start off and Rob loves to suck when the model stands because the model can take more control of the situation and force his cock down Rob’s throat and that’s exactly what Wycliffe did. Rob took it like a man as Wycliffe grabbed the back of Rob’s neck and drove his 7 inch cock balls deep sometimes choking Rob which is hard to do!
Rob sat him down next and continued his rampage of cock sucking. Wycliffe was glued into the porn as Rob picked up the pace on his sucking and began to speed up the process which began to make Wycliffe uneasy as he began to notice that Rob was taking him to his breaking point. Wycliffe knew what was coming next.
As Rob increased his speed, he also brought in the hand and mouth combination and that along with the lube was a dangerous combination for Wycliffe and you can see in his expressions that it was too much to bear and he quietly gave Rob the signal he was about to cum and CUM he did. Pow Pow Pow! Even Wycliffe mentioned his hard he nuts with Rob. Don’t miss the ass munching Wycliffe’s beautiful ass gets in the Rob’s cut version!