MilitaryClassified – LANGLEY 3


LANGLEY is back and this stud has been very popular on the website lately and for good reason! He’s tall, muscular, smooth tight body and a cock that I call “party size”. I hope to be sitting on it soon! Watch as I settle for another BJ instead and take this boy down in record time! He really likes my mouth and is very vocal about it!
When Langley walks into a room, everyone takes notice and when he gets naked, everyone really takes notice. He stood as I took the camera and took a walk around this boy’s body and what well put together man this guy is! It was a pleasure to videotape him and was counting down the minutes I would be on my knees for this boy!
The Air Force has done well for this guy and it seems that a certain type always seems to get into this branch of the military. Although he’s out now, he definitely has the discipline needed to be in the service and it shows in his demeanor. Once I got the examination out of the way I had to get my mouth between those ass cheeks and may God it was delicious! (check out the rimming in Rob’s cut)
I sat him down next and it was all downhill from that point forward as I began to work his crotch like I’ve never worked a crotch before! I was very detailed in my work and started off slowly with my sucking making it almost foreplay like. Once I had his cock in full bloom, I took off and began sucking at regular speed which only made him hornier than he was when we started.
Langley like to vocalize what feels good and we love it and it only made me put more effort into my cock sucking. It was a definite pleasure to work this boy over and I have to say he’s an easy target because it doesn’t take much to get this boy off and sure enough it wasn’t long before he was giving me the warning and delivering his load.



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