MilitaryClassified – KAYDEN 2


Today I’m bringing back KAYDEN, a civilian who became a hit at mclassified! This little str8 stud from Vegas has a girlfriend but today he’s in California drilling Rob’s ass for the first time and eating ass just like a pussy! Watch as Rob submits to Kayden and licks and sucks his feet and turns out an anal scene to remember.
Kayden is a young handsome boyish str8 guy who once the cameras started rolling he relaxed and began playing with himself as he laid on the bed with his feet hanging over the ledge of the bed. Rob took advantage of that and knelt down at the edge of the bed and took off his socks and shoes taking a whiff of Kayden’s socks and that was all it took to get Rob sucking on his feet immediately.
Next Rob made his way onto the bed and began to suck on Kayden’s cock which drove Kayden crazy. As Rob sucked, Kayden began playing with Rob’s smooth brown ass and the next thing you know, Rob was straddled on top of Kayden, ass in the air, and Kayden’s mouth and tongue digging a hole in Rob’s ass.
Kayden was getting that ass ready for his hard cock which was ready and waiting for Rob to assume the position. Rob got on his knees on the bed and Kayden was on his knees as he began to slowly drive his cock in and out of Rob’s ass. Kayden didn’t spare the moment because soon he was half standing on one knee as he drove his cock up Rob’s ass fucking him till Rob was moaning and screaming begging for more.
Finally, Kayden moved to the edge of the bed and stood at the corner of the bed while Rob bent over standing waiting for Kayden to shove his cock back into his hole and continue his fucking. Kayden fucked Rob and fucked him good before that Rob couldn’t handle it any more and Kayden had to finish himself sticking it in Rob’s ass delivering his load in and out of Rob’s ass! Beautiful!



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