MilitaryClassified – EDDY 4


EDDY is back and he’s returning to get sucked off by Rob for a little cash again but this time Rob is going to munch on Eddy’s ass for a little bit before he gets started on his cock. Watch as Rob breaks down Eddy by his ass then by his cock and Eddy delivers a load that Rob squeezes out of Eddy in record time!
Once the cameras started rolling Rob had Eddy stand at a parade rest and Rob knelt down and began his work. Through his clothes Rob began massaging Eddy’s crotch and soon Eddy was sporting wood and that’s when Rob jumped into action. Once the clothes came off Rob began to suck Eddy off and he was now putting into high gear.
Rob continued sucking Eddy who was now beginning to break down. Rob deep throated Eddy and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Rob as Rob sucked away. Rob began to pick up the pace and it looked as if Rob was going to take him down there but after sucking Eddy in high gear, Rob stopped sat him down and began to eat his ass!
Eddy was bent over the bed with his ass firmly in the air as Rob began to munch on Eddy’s ass. He loved every minute of it and it was obvious as Rob not only buried his face in Eddy’s ass but also put his arms around his ass and forced his face deep in Eddy’s hole sucking and eating that ass like there was no tomorrow.
Finally Rob sat Eddy down on the edge of the bed again and continued his ramage of Eddy’s cock and soon he was going full board with his mouth and hand action that was driving Eddy crazy! Soon Eddy could take no more of it and without even a warning delivered his load in Rob’s direction! Rob just loves gingers!



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