MilitaryClassified – CHIP


I want to introduce a straight dude from the Army who is stationed up in Port Hueneme. I met Chip online and we had an interesting conversation for about 2 to 3 weeks before he decided to come down to my facility and meet. He’s pretty laid back about most things, he’s extremely knowledgable about computers and has a nice long cock that bends up which he claims is the perfect angle to make a girl feel good. He loves getting his cock sucked and especially likes to be on top with her legs spread and fucking her wildly. This video will show the amazement on the look of a straight military stud who has just received the best blowjob of his life.
Since he lived so far away I convinced Chip to come down to my facility and stay overnight since I have 4 bedrooms and didn’t think he could drive after drinking. When he got to my place we immediately started playing video games which he loves, especially this game called “Call of Duty 2”. He wandered into my computer room where I naturally keep a stash of pussy porn on my PC. He found it and began looking at it so I decided to grab the camera and start shooting this video. It was a spur of the moment thing so when you guys see the video you will notice that we actually went off the cuff and began shooting with low lights and my old camera.
He was already hard as a rock when I walked in on him and I wasted no time in reverently getting down on my knees to service this straight stud while he watched some beautiful girls getting double penetrated doggie style. I grabbed a hold of his cock and started playing with it and licking and sucking all around his nuts that drove him crazy. Chip really hasn’t experienced much in the area of sex because he’s a shy guy and doesn’t make very many moves on girls.
So as I began to turn on the charm and start sucking this guy’s cock, he was immediately surprised that a guy could actually experience an amazing orgasm from oral. What made it even more interesting is that he had never had anyone deepthroat his dick balls deep and that was a feeling he said he’d like to experience every day. I sucked and sucked on Chip’s beautiful cock and drove him to near orgasm a couple of times.
In the end I gave Chip probably the best blowjob of his life according to him and the reaction said it all. When you guys watch this video, inspite of the quality of the video and the lighting, you guys will witness probably one of the most interesting reactions I’ve ever had to a blowjob. It was innocent, invasive, surprising and best of all, it was real and no one made him feel that way but me. That’s the hottest part of the whole video. He never touched himself again till orgasm. Enjoy!


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