MenAtPlay – Playing at Club-X – Dani Robles, Franky Fox


Franky Fox is the manager of a brand new cruising club which will be opening on Friday. He is at the club making sure everything is ready and accidentally leaves the door open. Thinking the club is open and curious about what the new establishment is like, Dani Robles comes inside.

Franky lets Dani know that the bar is not yet open but uses the random encounter as an opportunity. He shows Dani around and explains that the main goal of the club will be to help men relax (and play) after work.

As the two men talk, Dani starts feeling a heat between his legs while imagining the debauchery that will be taking place and confirms that he will come on Friday. But Dani nor Franky can wait or resist their desires – they want to play and cum right now!
7 Jan



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