ManPuppy – Terra Mizu, Jeff Drizzle


You’re home a little late, and a little messed up. What a party! But your jerk step-parents, Terra Mizu and Jeff Drizzle, are losing their minds over it. They announce they’re going to use a shrink ray they bought on sale at the outlet store to make you tiny as punishment. Cheap fuckers – couldn’t even get a designer shrink ray. Now they’re giants they laugh at how tiny and weak you are. Step-Mom has step-dad take off his shirt to show you what a strong, real man looks like. Step-Dad takes it a step further and drops his pants to compare his big sweaty balls to your tiny stones. He waves them in your face and Step-Mom makes fun of you. She taunts you: “Now that you’re tiny, you’ll never get a girlfriend! Especially not one with tits like THESE!” She rips her blouse open and waves her big boobs in your face. This is SO humiliating, but the worst is yet to come.



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