LatinLoads – LATIN BROTHER FUCKERS – Esteban Romero, Alberto Martines


ESTEBAN ROMERO, you in danger boy. ALBERTO MARTINES is an alpha top dog. We can see what is going to happen in the first 10 seconds when Alberto – dick hard in his underwear – grabs a hold of Esteban’s throat, asks him if he is going to be his bitch, and guides his mouth down to his cock while simultaneously taking it out and exposing his full manhood.

We see Alberto’s game here; he lets Esteban know who is boss and then alternates between kicking back and getting serviced, never letting his bitch know who is in control.

Fully erect, Alberto pulls down Esteban’s underwear and turns him around to inspect the hole. He nicely gets it wet with his mouth and tongue, but only because he knows he needs to open up the ass for his cock to fit in.

Alberto puts it in slow and enjoys the feel of the ass opening up for his dick, starting with slow circular thrusts. The top man suddenly stops, tells the bottom to put on a show and present the ass before having Esteban sit on his dick and fuck himself on the shaft.

Alberto moves the bottom to the bed and makes him beg for his cock before he will put it in. Teasing it by putting it in all the way and then abruptly pulling it back out. We are not sure who is egging on who more, but Alberto suddenly starts to fuck in earnest. Pounding away at Esteban’s gape and then making him beg for his cum. He shoots a huge load and goes back to target practice on the hole making sure all the milk gets inside.