JalifStudio – Kameron Frost, Atlant Adam


Dicks as big as Kameron’s are rare, and when those dicks are attached to men as beautiful as Kameron, then all time stands still!

The stunning blond man sits in a sex club, hand inside his jeans, watching porn on a large screen. He’s soon joined by Atlant, a cute dude with dark, cropped hair who’s desperate for a piece of Kameron’s dick.

Both men casually jerk themselves off for a while. Without taking his eyes off the screen, Kameron nonchalantly reaches across and grabs Atlant’s rock-solid dick.

The two men kiss wantonly, but Atlant can’t wait to get his craven lips wrapped around Kameron’s enormous meat. He sucks him aggressively, hungrily, impatiently. He needs the sexy blond man’s rock solid, curved dick deep inside him. Kameron forcefully thrusts his pelvis in and out of Atlant’s mouth, causing him to gag. But his face is just not enough…

Kameron pushes Atlant against the wall and pulls his joggers down to reveal an enticing, pert ass, in a well-fitting jockstrap. Within seconds, Kameron is banging the bottom boy with almost bewildering speed and force, slamming his massive bone with crazy, animalistic brutality into the greedy, gasping, gaping guy.

A change of position finds Kameron sitting on a bench, slamming his weapon of mass destruction deep into a squatting Atlant’s hole. The hungry bottom rides his master like his life depends on it.

They stand, jerking, forehead to forehead, kissing sporadically. Kameron is the first to blow. He explodes like a pressure cooker. Thick ribbons of semen fly from his dick in an amazing display of pure potency. Atlant starts to shoot before Kameron’s done and, for a moment, both are firing their life-giving loads simultaneously.