HungYoungBrit – Council Born Bisexual Breeder HOT Shameless 🚬 Thug gets SPUNKY Hole HomeMade Filthy Vid



BIG DICKED Bisexual Breeder Chavish, Fearless, Seedy YET incredibly GOOD-
His so hot,
so Trashy,
so Me!!! Luv that fact his Sleazy N Seedy
We both live I south London, we know him through and few people
His only recently come out as Gay and ALREADY his πŸ…± πŸ…± and BIG COCK obsessed
πŸ– Let me tell you a bit about this lad
A bit of a bad boy but with a proper genuine good heart – really sweet and harmless when ya
close to him –
And just instantly horny when ever you talk about sex – thats the one thing we def have in
common – he goes crazy 😜 and can’t be controlled – just keeps going on about boys, lads, dicks
– his not getting enough action❗ so lucky Guy who ends up with him – He has had a few girl
friends – not sure if there sexual – and was talking about how he feels comfortable like being gay
and wanting to get fucked by boys but still would shag girls –
This sexy fukka who looks like Angel sent from heaven πŸ˜‡
His laying on his side and I come slide my pre-spat wet πŸ’§ dick right up his arse – ALL THE WAY –
proper pushing it in deep😈😜
I get him legs in the air and fuck him one – just as he asked for and the look on his face made me
wanna shoot it right there N then
So I flip him on his side – push it back in and fucking give him it till im literally cummingπŸ’§ as im
pulling it out his arse -πŸ’¦ SPUNK EVERYWHERE πŸ’¦
πŸ’₯ This boys got a tremendous 9” maybe 10” thick fucking dick on him – really beefy N fat 😜
I get well turned on by how sexually active he is – lads like him who look really Sleazy or some sr8
lad who loves it RAW and this lad is
❌ Obviously the type that is never used a condom in his life – a right dirty fucker – SO fucking
sexy – (dont worry he won’t mind me saying that- his very chilled x x I explained it to him that its
my fantasy πŸ™‚ )
Cant wait to get his Trackies off and feel up his dick with my hands
Its just me and him in the flat
🀭 I was Shocked at how st8* acting proper horny geezer wanted to be fucked in the arse SO
MUCH and I was well happy to cum give him 😈 HAHA
When I was holding his legs I the air and had his little white socks round my ears – I thought
β€œYES _ IM GOING TO DUMP IT DEEP IN YOU MATE” and seeing, he was Gagging 4= it Make it
All on film – we film πŸ“· the fucking lot for ya!! Even me doing him till I πŸ’¦ cum
We should invite him back and see whats the story with him – like if his up 4 coming to the woods
πŸŽ„ with us
His such a sweet person – you should meet him if u can – AMAZING KISSER !!!



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