GayCest – How You Like It – Danny Wilcoxx, Jack Dixon



It’s not easy being a single dad. Ever since Danny came into my life, he’s been the center of my world. Every decision I make is with him in mind. Not that I’m complaining. He’s absolutely wonderful. Even as he’s gotten older, he barely even tried to rebel. It’s hard to think of him as anything other than amazing.

I was never really all that close to my old man. He was always so distant and preoccupied. Even as he’s become a part of Danny’s life, we’re still always at arm’s length with each other. I didn’t want that for my boy and I. I know he’ll be out of the house before I know it, and I want him to know that he can come to me for anything.

Of course, just saying that feels like a cliche. And while Danny has heard me say it, I want him to feel it. I want to be close with him. No secrets. No shame.

I may have crossed a line one day when I was walking around the house at night, just turning off lights and getting ready for bed. I saw the beam of light coming from Danny’s bedroom door, letting me know he was home and safe. It’s just a force of habit that I looked through the slightly open door, expecting to see Danny playing games in bed and needing me to tell him to get some sleep.

Instead, I saw something I had mythologized so much in my mind. He wasn’t a little boy anymore and I knew he had urges, but we’d never really talked about it. And there, in the warm glow of his bedside lamp, I saw my boy tugging on his erection.

My heart stopped for a moment. I knew this wasn’t for me. Danny’s entitled to his privacy and his body and discovering it in his own time. But standing in the hallway, peering through the crack, I had a glimpse of my boy that I thought I’d never have. I was seeing an intimate part of his life–of him–that few people would ever see.

I found myself mesmerized by the way his hand stroked his shaft. The way it moved up and down, meeting his testicles and gliding back up to the head. Seeing Danny hard was… incredibly thrilling. I knew I should turn away quietly and leave him be, but I couldn’t look away.

I watched him for a moment, curious how he pleasured himself, noticing subtle similarities between what I do. Chip off the old block. I felt a stirring in my own loins, a swelling in my crotch that surprised me just as much. It’s because of the damn thing that Danny is here in the first place, and now, in a strange bit of fate, it’s rising again at the sight of my boy experiencing pleasure.

I got lost in the trance of the moment, feeling like my presence could go unnoticed forever. That is, until Danny’s eyes caught mine.

I felt an instant flush of warmth to my face, similar to what I’m sure Danny felt. He jumped up and tried to hide his dick, but his efforts were futile given how long I’d been there and how much he had to hide. I was about to walk away, to relieve him of the awkwardness and return back to our separate spheres.

But in that moment, I knew that doing so would make him think he did something wrong. That he would retreat from me and a new wall would get put up. I couldn’t have that. Not with Danny. So I did something I thought I’d never do… I kept going…

I explained to him that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. The typical spiel of how everyone does it and it’s healthy and all that. But one thing I said that wasn’t prescribed was how it seemed similar to how I do it. Somehow, it seemed right to open up myself to him as well. To let him in on what I do… and how I do it…

Danny sat stunned in his bed, watching me closely to see what I would do or say. I could practically hear his heart pounding from across the room. I walked slowly toward him and began to unzip my pants. The silence was deafening, and Danny didn’t take his eyes off me. Once my fly was open and the white bulge of my underwear was revealed, I could see his shoulders begin to relax. He wasn’t afraid. He was actually curious.

I dropped my jeans to the floor and pulled out my cock. I held my breath, waiting for Danny to run or to object. Instead, he looked at me with a similar intrigue as I had in the doorway. He wanted to see. He wanted to know.

Seeing Danny watch me pull out my shaft only made it harder. I can’t explain it. Somehow getting closer just did something to me. Danny is an adorable little guy, and I always knew he would be a heartbreaker. But I was becoming all the more attracted to him. And it showed.

Danny sat in amazement, his lips parting slightly as I could see him getting heated up. He was as aroused as I was. And then, to my amazement, he slid over in the bed… making room for me.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I couldn’t believe he was letting me in. I got in slowly as I’d done many times before to tuck him in, but this was different. We sat leg against leg, thigh against thigh, filling up his bed as we stroked side by side.

Looking over at him, I could see he was fully hard. He had an impressive piece for a little guy. It was thick and long and veiny. It was perfect.

I looked over at him, wanting to check in and see that he was alright. But my eyes did not meet his. They were locked on my shaft. He seemed fixated on its size and girth. Yeah, old man’s got a pretty big one. But I couldn’t help but think he was fixated on the implications of it. Not just its size, but its relationship to him… his origins… and how it was until this moment something he never thought he’d see.

We sat back for what felt like hours, just handling our tools in an unbroken silence, waiting for one of us to do something next. I reached my hand over, wrapping my hand around his shaft, feeling his manhood in one grip while continuing to stroke myself in the other. It was so intense. So thrilling. I had my boy’s pleasure in the palm of my hand, making him feel good. It was such an honor. A privilege.

Then, as I could feel him pulsing in my hand, Danny surprised me. He leaned over and stretched his little body across my lap, bringing his mouth down to my cock. His warm breath spread over my loins, concentrating down on the head of my shaft. Before I could react in any meaningful way, his lips were pressed on my dick with his tongue tasting the tip.

It was electric. His jaw stretched so wide to get as much of me in his mouth as he could. I was worried he would hurt himself, but he seemed exceptionally capable of taking a thick dick in his mouth. I didn’t know whether to be proud or worried, but I let him indulge. He clearly wanted to take me in, and I wasn’t going to stop him for anything in the world.

The only thing that did worry me was that as he continued to suck on my member, I had the growing sensation in my balls that meant only one thing: I was going to have to fuck my boy. I wrestled with it in my mind as Danny kissed and sucked my cock, bringing me closer to that conclusion with every delicate lap of his tongue. I tried to talk myself out of it, worried about the ramifications and complications that could come from it. But more and more, I knew it had to happen. I had to take him. To feel myself inside him. To open him up and be a part of him. After all, I wanted to be close. What could be closer than that?



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